Tawagoto is a tsundere.

Tawagoto is usually a nice person but is cold towards her "crush". She usually insults people when they insult her. Tawagoto despises perverts and stalkers. She is quite shy and doesn't really talk to a lot of people except for the Light Music Club.


Tawagoto wears her hair in brown pigtails. She has green eyes and she wears a custom blazer with black stockings.

Kisekae Code



  • Tawagoto's first name was created with Google Translate.
  • Tawagoto's uniform is based off ToraDora!
  • Tawagoto was created in the Summer of 2015, being the first non-cartoon OC of KawaiiTohru.
  • Tawagoto has a pet named Chii.